About CCID

CCID is training division of WELKIN VISION Limited. We are leading Training provider of soft skills and governance development in United Kingdom and Internationally.

We provide innovative workplace training solutions across a wide range of industries throughout Global. Our personal development and bespoke training services have an excellent reputation.

We address training and operational gaps and stay committed to develop 'people capabilities' to enable individuals meet their Business Objectives and achieve Excellence in life too.

We take immense pride in naming few of the diamond soft skills training programs conducted in globally like Communication skills training, Team building training, Sales training programs, Negotiation skills training , Customer Service Trainings, Leadership skills training, Time Management Training, Stress Management Training, Creativity and Innovation workshops, Employee Induction trainings, Managerial Effectiveness Training, Personal Effectiveness Training, First Time Managers training, Emotional Intelligence training workshops, Problem Solving and Decision making training, Corporate and business etiquette training, Coaching and Mentoring Trainings.

Our identity has been articulated to represent not only our values, but also diverse and comprehensive solutions that we provide.

Focus & Vision

In the career and business sector, CCID focuses on developing business & personal skills that would take you as an individual to new levels of success.
CCID is one of UK’S finest training place engaged in human capital training and development. A premier organization delivering high quality learning solutions to corporations, professionals, community leader.

CCID Philosophy & Methodology

Our Training philosophy is based around a simple two principal

  • 1. Get Training to educate other
  • 2. We want to Support you make a difference

The focus on your needs forms the foundation of CCID philosophy. CCID deliver training programs with cutting edge techniques and methodology that equips people with right skills, knowledge and behaviour to help them achieve their career and personal goals. In order to ensure this happens,

CCID focuses on scientific assessment of each client’s need and an accurate evaluation of training delivery to reach end goals of each program.



We help organizations or individual to:

  • Expand performance by increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and aligning them with their business objectives.
  • Provide a measurable return on investment for their training Investments, creating the business justification for training expenditures
  • Assess employee competencies against job requirements, identify gaps and create development plans to enable effectiveness and growth
  • Efficiently and thoroughly develop and retain employees while minimizing time away from the office for training
  • Maximizing organizational performance by implementing and administering a learning solution to help simplify client’s training requirement
  • Provides centralized managerial and administrative support services. A team of learning experts will ensure that the training solution is smoothly implemented.

CCID Services

Corporate Training

United Kingdom has proved itself to be a valuable business centre for multinational corporations across the globe; be it software programming, hardware & networking, finance & accounting, hospitality, travel & tourism, education, fashion, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals or infrastructure management, UK plays an undeniably huge role in global terms. The quality of work done from uk have moved from being mere messengers and assembly centres to core manufacturers and service providers.

Naturally the opportunities have increased a great deal for job seekers, professionals, investors and entrepreneurs.

UK is full of educated potential who can be speak the international business language and are highly skilled in a wide variety of domains.

To streamline this skilled potential and convert them into talented workforce organisations must invest in developing their people through corporate training.

There are several corporate training companies in India that specialize is different areas of learning and cater to different industries.

CCID is one of the best corporate training companies in UK, specializing in leadership development to HR solutions consulting. We handle the entire learning life cycles for our clients, conducting various activities like learning needs analysis, preparing the annual learning calendar, creating content, delivering different kinds of learning interventions like workshops, coaching sessions, simulation sessions, etc. and measuring learning effectiveness and change.

What differentiates CCID from other corporate training companies in UK is our team comprising Learning and experts, who have, in their assignments at senior levels worked in various industries and geographies across the world.

CCID started from UK and has delivered high end learning solutions for several clients in India, Europe, Bangladesh, Malaysia and the middle East.

Following is a brief snippet of the work we do:

  • Learning and Development
  • Leadership Development with personalized coaching, psychometric testing, workshops and action learning projects
  • Delivering customised programs with scenarios and case studies from the organisation and learners experience
  • Outbound adventure-based training
  • Destination Short Courses
  • Visit to UK’s Business and financial organisation, & meet with an Business leaders-Making Connections

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Civil service & community leaders Training

We passionately believe that better governance and scrutiny leads to more effective decision-making, reduced risk and ultimately improved outcomes.

Local government members training is one of CCID’s core services.

We offer a range of training to local council members and individuals. This ranges from Equality and Diversity, General and standing committee meeting training, planning, chairmanship, in addition to this we carry out bespoke training services designed to assist councillor in there roles.

Developed and delivered by industry experts, our specialist training, short courses and compliance system provide essential skills for today’s local authority members services.

But investing in your teams with high-quality local government training is proven to pay off: increasing efficiency, improving performance, reducing errors, eroding complaints, and inspiring your staff.

With over 20 years of experience delivering local government courses and training solutions, our partners of experts are continually developing material that is relevant to the latest industry requirements.

Our popular courses cover key topics relating to

  • Customer services training,
  • Corporate governance training,
  • Waste management training,
  • Food safety training courses,
  • Road safety and fire safety Workshop,
  • Community improvement training options,
  • and
  • other tail or made learning and development workshop.

Visit to UK’s local councils, Palace of Westminster& meet with an MP-Making Connections

  • Bespoke classroom and practicalbased courses
  • Communication and leadership Skills courses

Functional Skills

Welkin Vision offers a range of course in different sectors to help candidates prepare for Job or taking admission in University.

We support candidates to improve their key skills. We have different range of course:

  • Functional Skills English
    Functional English gives students practical skills for the modern world and helps them get the most from life, learning and work. This specification aims to ensure students have good communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Functional Skills Math
    Functional Skills Maths aims to promote mathematical thinking and transferable skills rather than rote learning. Students will also cover: Maths that is useful in everyday situations and the world of work contextual material which emphasises the benefits of Maths to people who have been 'turned off' by the subject.
    This course is suitable for students of various ages and from diverse background in terms of lifelong learning.
  • Functional Skills qualification in Information & Communication Technology

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